About Us


About us

The company “DEKAN” d.o.o.- Vrnjačka Banja was founded in 1989, it is engaged in the production of industrial machines, especially in the fields of wood and food industry. The company’s headquarters are located in Vrnjačka Banja. As part of our production, we also service our equipment, and we also do projects – engineering. Many years of experience in the field of production makes our products the highest quality in our market, which is confirmed by our satisfied customers throughout our country and abroad.

We deeply believe that the company’s goal is not only to sell, but to create a long-term relationship with people to our mutual satisfaction. Through direct sales and constant contact with customers, we have learned to view them as part of the family and treat them with care and respect. Every product we offer puts a lot of effort into meeting the highest criteria in terms of quality, functionality and longevity, and providing support that doesn’t stop the moment the warranty expires.

That is exactly what we deserve their trust for again.


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